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Q: What is Jollity?

Jollity is a mobile app that makes it easy for you and a group of friends to design, sign, and send a unique mobile greeting card to a mutual friend on their special day. A Jollity card is fun to send and even more fun to receive!

Q: Will Jollity work on my phone?

Currently, Jollity is available for iPhones running iOS 4.2.1 andhigher. An Android version of the app is in development.

Legal Notes

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Q: What can I do with Jollity?

With the Jollity app, you can create a customized mobile greeting card, invite a group of friends to add text and voice "signatures," and schedule it for delivery on the day you choose.

Q: Do I need the Jollity app to view a card I've received?

You can view your Jollity card on the web, but to respond to your well-wishers, you must install the Jollity app on your iPhone.

Q: Do I need the Jollity app to sign a card?

Yes, you will need to install Jollity on your iPhone in order to signor create a card.

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