How to Create a Card

Create a card for a friend

It's quick and easy to create your own Jollity mobile greeting card! In just a few minutes, our friend Sam designed a unique card for Diane, invited their friends to sign it, and set it up for automatic delivery on her birthday. No art skills needed!

Step 1: Select Recipient

Sam selects Diane from his Contacts list. He could also select her from his Facebook friends, or enter her email address directly.

Step 2: Enter Message & Delivery Date

Sam enters a headline and message for the card and then seelcts Diane's birthday date. The card will automatically be sent on this day.

Step 3: Customize the Design

Sam selects a birthday-themed frame that will display in the background. He chooses a font style for the card's headline and message.

Step 4: Upload a Photo

Sam uploads a photo of Diane and their friends as the central image of the card. He applies a filter to give the photo more style.

Step 5: Invite Signees

Sam invites a group of Diane's friends to sign the card. He selects friends from Contacts or Facebook, or enters their email address.

Step 6: Sign the Card!

Sam is the first person to sign the card, entering his personal text and voice greeting to Diane.

Finalize and Confirm

Sam can now finalize his card – confirming the card design, delivery date, and signee list. Once confirmed, the signees will be sent an invitation.

Check Card Status

Prior to delivery, Sam can modify the card, check the status of his friends' signatures, or invite others to sign.