How to Receive a Card

You have a new card!

Opening a Jollity mobile greeting card is like opening a gift of friendship! In a couple of taps, our birthday girl Diane enjoys her friends' greetings and expresses her appreciation. Thanks all around!

Receive Notification

Diane is notified that she has received a Jollity card via Facebook or email. Once she opens the Jollity app, she can't miss the news!

View Card & Signatures

Diane enjoys the visuals, voice greetings, and text messages embedded in her Jollity card.

Comment on Signatures

Diane replies to each of her friend by posting comments to their individual signature.

Post Thank You Note

Diane also expresses her delight in a general thank you note to the gang. A Jollity app notification invites them to re-open the card to view Diane's thank you and comments.

Manage Cards

The My Cards section shows Diane an archive of all the Jollity cards she has received.