How to Sign a Card

Sign a card for a friend

Brighten a friend's day by adding your voice and text signature to their Jollity mobile greeting card! Our card creator Sam invited a bunch of Diane's friends to add their birthday wishes to her card (singing optional!).

Receive Invitation

Diane's friends receive and invitation from Sam via Facebook or email to sign her birthday card. Once logged in to Jollity, an indicator shows the pending invitation.

View Pending Invitations

Miguel opens the Jollity app and taps "Sign a Card" to view a list of cards waiting for him to sign. He selects Diane's birthday card.

Sign Card

Miguel adds his personal birthday greeting to Diane by recording a voice message and entering a text message.

Signature Confirmed

Miguel receives confirmation that his signature has been added to Diane's birthday card.

Edit/Manage Signatures

The My Cards section shows Miguel the status of the Jollity cards he has signed. He can edit his signature on any unsent card.